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Spitfire - copyright
The 2015 Media Innovation Award for Photography has been won by, with an entry entitled 'Wartime Romance - The Spitfire Pilot'.
The winning entry was photographed on location by John Coles, one one of the coldest nights of the year. "We used four locations spread over about 40 miles, and shot the entire set of 20 images in a 'storybook' format over about 5 hours,"says John. "By the time we got to our Spitfire for the final two shots, everything had frozen, and Diego (playing the pilot) kept sliding off the icy wings as he tried to give a rose to Miss Natty, who was so cold you could hear her teeth chattering!"
The judges said: "The judges thought it was a passionate wartime story told with the finesse and care of a true professional. This steamy tale captures perfectly the essence of 'now' and embracing the moment that is apparent when life expectancy is so short, during a major conflict."
The Media Innovation Awards were held at the prestigious new theatre, 'The House' at the main entrance to Plymouth University. Celebrating outstanding work in the digital creative arts, categories included Animation, App, Branding, Games, Installation / Exhibition / Live event, Photography, Print, Video / Film / TV, Web, and Creative Craft.